Most Mums suffer from Poor Self Care.

You Have the Power to Stay on Track with...

Mums juggle so many things. They are often responsible for the wellbeing of an entire family. This takes lots of work, energy and dedication, making Self Care even bigger priority. Sadly, that is rarely the case...

Poor mental health can manifest itself as:

• Poor Concentration

• Burnout and Fatigue

• Low Motivation and Drive

• Irritability, Anxiety and Low Mood

• Poor Decision Making

• Low Productivity

• Strained relationships

• Physical Pain

• Poor Immune System

Preventative approach and better self-care can improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and give you higher life satisfaction.

Enrol in our e-course and make your self-care a priority!

Course Curriculum:

Part 1:

Lesson 1: Your Values System

The first step to transform your wellbeing is to understand yourself better. Learn how to identify your values to know what makes you truly happy.

Lesson 2: The Power of Your Mind

You will learn about the power of your mind and how it affects your everyday decisions. We will teach you how to use your mind to better serve you.

Lesson 3: Challenge Your Beliefs

We will look at your belief system and show you how to identify and challenge your limiting beliefs. Also we will talk about formation of new supportive beliefs.

Part 2:

Lesson 4: Becoming Your Best Friend

We will emphasise the importance of self-acceptance building confidence and becoming your best friend.

Lesson 5: Selecting Your Tribe

You will learn how to build your support network and discover the connection between your self-worth and your network.

Lesson 6: Focus On Your Future

We will discuss how to handle setbacks while focusing on your longterm goals and vision.

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