Self-esteem is our internal picture. It often describes how we see ourselves in our day to day life. The level of our children's confidence often reflects that of their parents or carers.
Positive self-esteem is the basis of good mental health, emotional resilience and future life success.

Through our course ''Teach Your Kids to Build a Positive Self-image'' we will cover:

• What is self esteem and why is it important?
• What are the typical signs of low self esteem?
• How to identify negative thinking patterns in our children?
• How to change unhelpful beliefs into supportive ones?
• How to turn fears into exciting challenges?
• How to develop a positive self image and a kinder inner voice in your child?
• Why self-confidence shouldn't depend on peer approval?
• How to encourage self-discipline?

Low self esteem can cause serious mental health problems later in life.

Low self-esteem often manifests itself as:

• Avoiding school and social situations

• Being quiet or withdraw

• Having low confidence

• Avoiding challenges and giving up easily

• Performing badly in school

• Losing interest in fun activities 

• Difficulty starting and completing tasks

• Negative self-talk and self-criticism

• Regular negative thinking patterns

• Over-reliance on compliments and approval from others

Helping your child create positive self-image gives them a chance to flourish in life.

Part 1: (Definition of Self Esteem)

Lesson 1: Your Child's Self-Esteem

You will find out more about what is Self-Esteem and why is it important.

Lesson 2: Close Relatives of Low Self-Esteem

In Lesson 2, you will learn about the different forms of mental health problems that are often caused by low self-esteem and are common in children.

Part 2: (Creating Positive Self-Image)

Lesson 3: Challenge Your Thinking

You will be able to dive deeper into your child's thoughts, emotions and behaviour. You will learn different ways of identifying and managing negative thinking in your child.

Lesson 4: Identify What Holds Them Back

This lesson is dedicated to Identifying unhelpful believes and fears in your child. You will learn how to identify and transform unhelpful subconscious believes into those that serve your child.

Lesson 5: Help Control Their Mind Chatter

You will learn about the power of your inner voice (also known as your self-talk) We will explain why you should teach your children to speak to themselves in a kinder way.

Part 3: (Focus On Their Future)

Lesson 6: Self-Confidence

Our words are very powerful. The words you use when speaking to your children can boost or crush their confidence. Some of the very common phrases we use make our kids feel unimportant and demotivated. In this lesson we will teach you which words to use and which to avoid to build a positive self image in your child.

Lesson 7: Increase Their Self-Esteem

In lesson seven we will explain the concept of self-esteem and how to build healthy self-esteem in your children, one that doesn't depend on peer approval. We will present different methods of doing this.

Lesson 8: Focus On Their Future

In the final lesson, we will discuss the importance of cultivating self- discipline and creating of healthy new habits. We will talk about what gives your children better learning outcomes.

14 Exercises

8 Suggestion Boards
9 Cheat Sheets

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